sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

A gift of the life.

They have been every day, without asking for anything in exchange, there has been gained my confidence, my fondness, has shared my sorrow and happy moments, has rested, advised me and infinities of things mas...
Each one with his way only and so particular that makes it special for my.

I will give one and thousand times thanks to God for putting them in my way and to them for being with me.

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  1. my little sister, my sweetheart!, my moon & sun!, you know everything!, it's so hard to explain this, i love you!!!, and... this is the first time!, thanks a lot!

    everyday and everytime, when you need me, just call my name, my soul walks with you always!

    i love you my little sister, kisses sweetheart!

    Ich Liebe Dich!