domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

When less it waits for it...

My only sister always was announcing that it was going to marry but it was never like a taken decision, only that was raising it to future. But one day I come announcing that serious a fact, the house we remain affected. On one hand it gave to us happiness because it was with whom it loved and for other one very sad because iria, not only to living to another place but to the end of the country, Calama.
Undoubtedly it has been an event that has marked me, has hurt me very much because always we were too nearby, in fact even I suffer very much and do not get used to his absence. Though that this happy and it is what gives me spirits.

sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

The ideal thing...

In the future I see and wish myself to be the professional successful one, getting major degree out of a jam myself as teacher of history with algun. Also to have a constituted and cozy home close to the family that I will agree with the person that I estimate indicated,
Enjoying and sharing together with my Parents and sister, included the rest of my family.
As I would be charmed with being able to travel to other countries and being able to know many beautiful places, as Spain, Paris and others.

A gift of the life.

They have been every day, without asking for anything in exchange, there has been gained my confidence, my fondness, has shared my sorrow and happy moments, has rested, advised me and infinities of things mas...
Each one with his way only and so particular that makes it special for my.

I will give one and thousand times thanks to God for putting them in my way and to them for being with me.

It is my taste !

My favorite clothes to dress:

Sweater or light vests of not so flushed colors, trousers of clear and exact colors, heels or sometimes slippers. Also I am charmed with using accessories like portfolios, hoops, necklaces and bracelets, of colors that they combine with my clothes.

Better of the best!

There for you - Damian Marley

I am charmed with this song because it is beautiful and because he me resembles a person who in a little time turned into very important someone, who in a difficult moment dedicated me.

You see, you gave precious life to me
So I live my life for you … You …
You see, you've always been there for me
And so i'll be there for you … You …

On my...

My name is Constanza Isolda Catril Salgado, I am 16 years old, I was born on October 10, 1993, In Lota's commune, Chile.

I live with my parents, Isolda Salgado and Victor Alejandro Catril. I have a sister called Romina alone.

Physically, I am relatively high, long, smooth and brown hair, eyes macaroons brown color and white skin.
Psychologically I am nice, happy, introverted, respectful, shy and affectionate. My great fault, between others, is the pride.

In my free time, I like to go out with my friends, but also to be useful time with my family and to listen to music.

I am charmed with my life, with his high places and low, as that of any person. But it would not change it into anything, every detail makes her special.